cameraWelcome to Juan Josani website. Juan is a professional photographer and film maker who is rich in experience in filming wedding, anniversary and birthday events. To keep your wedding or anniversary memorable, gifts inform of photos, videos, cards and other materials are very important for keeping your memories. Visit this site for more ideas on gifts.

We have photo books for your anniversaries that can capture the magic of your first year together. This is a memorable thing for your future. In weddings and anniversaries we do send gifts of invites. This is now easy for you and you do not need to struggle since we have gift invites that are beautiful and unique. They are of different designs and you can personalize them as you wish. Invites inform of cards include; Then and Now Dots which we sell at $ 1.02, Wonderful year Invitation card @ $ 1.02 and many more.

Other gifts which we offer include; canvas prints and anniversary mugs which are a highlight for your future. These are gifts that can make your loved ones smile and remember you when you give them during such important occasions.

We create anniversary slide show to enable you celebrate and keep the treasured moments. You can choose from a wide selection of designs and add videos of your personal touch. We believe that how you share your photos needs to be uniquely memorable as your videos and photos. The other service which we offer is a wedding your anniversary video photo montage which is a compilation of synchronized pictures with music that you can watch in your computer all the time.

Weather it is an anniversary for whichever year, a video is a wonderful gift-it is a thing which is unique in its personalization as compared to traditional anniversary gifts which dictate. The following are the elements for your meaningful video gift;

Highlight of milestones of the events. Paring thing down to a milestone will help you to avoid temptations of including every photo.

Mix photos. Avoid including pictures of both of you together but mix up photos of things that can give sweet memories.